Supplemental Plans

Does your health insurance cover all of your needs? Do you feel comfortable with the costs of your routine care (like dental, vision, and hearing exams)? If you cannot confidently answer yes to both of these questions, we can guide you to the supplemental plan that best suits your needs and helps you anticipate changes in your health in the coming future.

Your health insurance may not cover everything. To help fill the gaps in your coverage, you can sign up for a supplemental plan. We can find you coverage for hearing, dental, vision, cancer, stroke, and more.


As we age, our hearing is at risk of diminishing. When you find that your hearing is getting worse, you will need to see a specialist, who may not be covered under your health insurance. Medicare does not cover hearing exams, hearing aids, or fittings. You need supplemental insurance to avoid paying the full cost for these services. Hearing insurance will cover your hearing exams and help pay for your hearing aids.


Medicare does not cover routine dental appointments or equipment: that means your cleanings, fillings, extractions, implants, dentures, orthodontics — none of it is covered. Regular dental cleanings are important to prevent gingivitis and other associated maladies. Dental insurance can give you the coverage you need to afford your routine dental care. Coverage is also crucial if you want orthodontics. We can help you find a stand-alone dental plan or one that is combined with vision care.


You can count on your eyesight getting weaker with age. Without insurance, your visits to the eye doctor and any frames or lenses could cost you hundreds of dollars. Vision insurance, which you may find in a joint plan with dental insurance, can help cover the cost of exams and equipment. You also benefit from no waiting periods under most plans, so you can see your eye doctor when you need them.


An unfortunate reality that affects many American households is cancer. Treatment can be incredibly expensive, and your health insurance may not be enough to cover your expenses. A cancer insurance plan can save you and your family from financial stress in the event you fall ill with cancer. These plans will cover your cancer treatments as well as transportation, lodging, and other hospital expenses in many cases.

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When tragedy strikes, it might be too late to wonder whether your coverage will leave you with piles of medical bills. Stroke insurance can cover you when you encounter a stroke, helping you to pay for treatment and rehabilitation therapies. The road to recovery can be steep, but with supplemental stroke insurance, you can focus on your progress and not on your medical bills.

For help deciding what level of coverage you and your family need, speak with an agent from John Kyle Insurance Group. We have the expertise to help you assess your risk and prepare for your financial future. Contact us today to learn more about what plans are available.