Medicare Part B

The Basics of Medicare Part B

Acting as the complementary plan to Medicare Part A, Part B is responsible for covering the cost of medical services and supplies needed for outpatient or home health care. Several of the coverage items include durable medical equipment, preventative services, ambulance services, and outpatient care at medical facilities. The plan also helps beneficiaries with intermittent health services such as rehab and physical therapy.

What Coverages Are Available Under Medicare Part B?

Together Medicare Part A and Part B provide a reliable insurance framework with coverages for most healthcare needs. Part B does an excellent job of supporting many preventative services the beneficiary might need. Included in this is a one-time “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit, flu shots, hepatitis B shots, and screenings for cancer, cardiovascular issues, and diabetes. People who have been designated as high-risk or who develop high-risk factors for diabetes such as high blood sugar, obesity, high blood pressure, and dyslipidemia can obtain coverage for screenings and self-management training under Medicare Part B.

Another big part of the Part B plan is the coverage of short-term home health services, and doctors ordered part-time care. Policyholders will only have to pay a portion of the expenses from medical equipment and supplies. This could include wheelchairs, CPAP devices, hospital beds, and oxygen equipment. Finally, Medicare Part B has a section that will help with emergency room visits, the correction of spinal issues with chiropractic services, and the participation in clinical trials.

While the insurance plan formed under Original Medicare is strong and provides the coverages that most individuals need, there are still a few weak points to keep in mind. Even though Part B does cover preventative services, it doesn’t cover routine care for dental, vision, or hearing. To remain protected for such services, you will have to explore other areas of the Medicare plan. Sections that offer Medicare Supplement plans are the best when looking for additional services.

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The Expense of Medicare Part B

Dissimilar to Part A, Medicare Part B is usually not waived by the amount of time you spend working in the United States. Instead, policyholders will need to pay the monthly premium ($164.90 for 2023) once they enroll. While some people decide it isn’t worth paying monthly fees and elect to skip enrollment, it is important to remember you cannot receive Part C or Part D without coverage under Original Medicare first.

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